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Trading  Course

Course Background

With the development of comprehensive national power of China, RMB becomes more and more important in international market as well as faces more challenges.  Relative currency devaluation and worse financial investment environment make both domestic and international investors urgent and necessary to gain overall and professional training of financial and Forex investment.

As the founder and president of FXPLUS Trading Academy, Jack Chang cares about the construction of financial market of China and devote himself into financial trading education arming to improve the entire level of financial trading inland. Accompany with outstanding and professional traders and analysts, FXPLUS Trading Academy offers advanced, efficient and practical FOREX trading online course.

Course Features


Systematic Teaching

Combining global financial environment and investment experience, our courses contain Forex fundamental knowledge, technical analysis, macroeconomics, microeconomics, traders’ strategic planning, trading psychology and other trainings to guide you to be a successful trader.

Theoretical and Practical

Rather than other traditional academies focusing on theoretical education, we combine theoretical and practical teaching together. After theoretical classes, we offer our students 6-hour real market analysis tutored by lecturers and traders in order to practise and gain a more overall understanding of what has been taught in class.

Distance-Learning Course


We offer online courses and records of our previous courses, making it convenient to communicate with teachers and classmates via a computer and internet connection. 

Course Format

1: Online Course: We offer for your convenience where you will gain advanced and in-time news as well as trading strategies.

2: Face-to-face Course: Communicating with experts and professional traders, you will have a better understanding of  the successful systematic trading.

3: Virtual Learning Course: Enjoying the advanced network technology and interactions among students, teachers and traders, you can learn more about stories behind systematic trading.


4: Online courses: Our online courses and recordings can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. This will enable you to communicate with our international trading expert.

Course Content

Level 1 Course


Lectures                                                 2×8 hours

Tutorial                                                   4×2 hours

Coaching                                               2×0.5 hours

VIP Membership Services                    3 months access

After this course you can:

 1.  Code a system based on technical indicators

 2.  Automate your risk management

 3.  Apply robust optimization to your systems

 4.  Learn to objectively decide whether going live is a good idea

Joining this level, you will have access to Fxplus level 1 source code library, trade signals, access to monthly webinar or video tutorial on topics related to automated trading, daily and weekly market updates


I have no financial background whatsoever, am I able to learn the course?

Absolutely. With courses designed for people with different knowledge and experience levels, we are confident that you will have no problems in learning trading.

Do I get tutoring after my curriculum finished?

Even after the curriculum finishes, students are entitled to personal tutorings in the future, for questions to be answered. We take care of you once you enter the Fxplus family.

How risky is investing in financial products?

The risk various from person to person. Different techniques also result in different risk factors. Rule of thumb is, never invest in something you don’t know, and always think of the worst case.

Why should I come to Fxplus now that I can learn a lot from the internet?

It is time consuming and inefficient to look at the huge amount of information online, of which much is inaccurate and opinionised. Fxplus has experienced traders spending years to bring you the essence knowledge to success. We are the fast track to trading success, if there ever is one.

How long would it normally be before I can formally start trading?

Normally 3 – 6 weeks.

I would like to start trading, how much should I start with?

For zero-knowledge beginners, we recommend a maximum of $1000. You may also send your trading records to us. We will review and give you personal suggestions.

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